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January 29, 2013


Scott MacMillan

Phil, I am enjoying your series of posts on metrics for content management. A couple questions on MCCE. How would you apply to for-profit sites? Would it be the "About Us" and Why Choose XXXX" type of content as viewed by prospects? Or is it broader to include critical pages viewed just prior to visitors performing key business activities/transactions like signups, downloads, sales, etc.?

Phil Kemelor

Thanks, Scott. Sure, certainly the methods I described are completely applicable to "for profit" sites. As to whether you would use the "About Us," or "Why Choose" content, I'd say yes, but I'd suggest doing the analysis on them first to see if they actually do impact conversions or top tasks.

I have worked with some clients that do discuss what they consider to be "mission critical" content. I did not include this in the post because I think this could be a process unto itself that can be successful only if mission critical is very tightly defined and agreed upon by all parties. This can be made to be a more strictly governed process if there are particular mission critical attributes that can be assessed. The group exercise tends to work better with small groups for obvious reasons.

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