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March 17, 2011


Aaron Jones

Very interesting post. This concept of an Omniture certified administrator concerns me greatly though. I don't agree with forcing someone to pay money to get a box ticked to say that they can administer a product that they are already paying for and may well have been using & administering for many years prior.

How would this work for people in regional locations outside the US - or businesses with limited budgets that are already stretched just to keep these sort of tools up & running.

I can't wait though to hear about what the actual customisation options will be via the admin section - it has the potential to be extremely useful - but as always the devil will be in the detail!

Web Analytics Management

Aaron - thanks for the comment. Just to clarify, my understanding is not that you can't continue to administer SC as you are currently. The certification would be for setting the data processing rules. However, you make a good point about the challenge of keeping a solution like SiteCatalyst running on a limited budget. Perhaps this is yet one way to separate the customers who are likely in for the long haul and multiple upsells from those who aren't.


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