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December 09, 2010


Adam Greco

Phil - Thanks for posting! I am glad that the report makes this distinction and think that we as a community need to help reinforce the concept of 1st party (corporations) vs. 3rd party (advertisers). I feel like we need a well constructed 2-3 minute YouTube Video that any layperson could see and easily understand the difference between what corporate web analysts do vs. sharing data across websites...Maybe one like this already exists...I feel like "a video is worth a thousand blog posts!" in today's day and age...



Adam - Thanks for the comment. Well, you know what happens at meetings when someone has a great idea...they get nominated to make it happen. But seriously, if you'd like to put something together like this and want some help, let me know.



Adam, I believe you should consider involving Matt Langie and his guitar in this video. Perhaps a photoshopped image. (Guaranteed You Tube sensation!)

Phil, thank you for the summary. I too am happy to see a distinction made between the buying and selling of data, and the use of it for the individual website upon which the data is being captured.

That said, I did find it interesting the distinction made regarding behaviourally targeted advertising. It seems to suggest that advertising targeted based on behaviour within a visit is acceptable, yet targeting based on behaviour based on a previous visit is not. I understand the additional layer causing concern is the storing of information over time, however it just seems an unusual place to draw the line. I will have to read further in the original report.


Any thoughts on the similar, but less detailed, approach that Europe is taking?

Would love to hear your opinion on this as well. Seems to me like they are simply saying "you can't do this" but they don't know what "this" is nor do they know how to regulate it "this". Should be interesting, as May 25th is fast approaching!

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