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May 04, 2010


Thad McIlroy

You write that Google is not "working on opt out options." On May 25th that changed:

Oops: I see that my source of that info is YOUR blog entry on CMS Watch! While you wonder at Google's move from a business perspective, you do point to the larger issue: "government goodwill is critical to Google's success in many other lucrative areas." I'd go a step further and state that government goodwill WORLDWIDE is critical to Google's future as it becomes a target for antitrust, privacy and security complaints, as is happening now in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

But as you also note, Google's method for blocking its own analytics requires that the user take a couple of discrete steps that few will be sophisticated enough to attempt or care enough to bother.

By comparison Adobe/Omniture's blocking method is humorously ironic. One must install a special cookie to be excluded from Omniture tracking, in a world where more and more users are regularly deleting cookies to increase their privacy.

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