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August 27, 2009


Jacques Warren

Spot on Phil! I totally share your thoughts about WT evolution. I think the time has come to re-engineer the product. There's SO much legacy stuff in the app, that it has become a weight. We need a more flexible app that allows for more rapid and efficient on-the-fly analysis (slice'n dice, cross-tab, etc.).

I like the new Insight UI (I'm a Few devotee), but heavy users will have quickly noticede that the product is the same at its core. I understand that Webtrends has changed its developement approach, with UI and core allowing for independent development. This should effectively accelerate the evolution.

I agree that Alex's return has had a profound impact on the company, and brought back the excitement. People over there are pretty motivated!

So, I'm definitely one to be very curious to see what the next months will bring.

Bill Bruno

It's very refreshing to read a post like this. With all of the convoluted reviews out there, this one is a great balance of good and bad. I'm also very impressed with the transformation since Alex has assumed command, and I think this is a great step in the right direction for their tool. However, it's merely one step in a necessary set of steps and seeing a more defined product roadmap would be very helpful. Great post!


This is the best sum-up I've read.

I disagree a little (with Jacques too) about the need for re-engineering. I'm concerned about the time it would take; I don't think they have the extra resources and diverting existing resources would reduce the momentum that they have now.

I think the core product can be improved immensely now, i.e. made less confusing, less overwhelming, easier ... with an overhaul of the setup screens and help screens. And I really do mean overhaul, not tweaks. When I train people (not just me, I'm sure many have done so), the product perception can suddenly go from "ick" to "wow" once a number of things are clarified.

Alex Yoder

Jacques and Phil,

Thanks to both of you for your support and candid feedback. I would say that on the one hand, keep in mind that we can't change EVERYTHING this quickly, but on the other hand, it is our core tenet to actively listen to feedback from the entire market and also represent thought leadership ourselves, and incorporate that feedback into product development release cycles. Suffice it to say, please keep your eyes on the coming releases and I think you will find yourselves satisfied. :)

We are here to deliver, not just promise.



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