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March 01, 2009


Alan K'necht

I've always stressed the data ownership issue to my web analytics clients when helping them choose a vendor. It has always been hard to explain and this article will help.

All too often, clients realize all too late that what they thought was their data isn't their data.

Casey Carey

It is purely speculation at this point, but I have talked with people in the agency business who believe part of the plan for the WPP/OMTR partnership is WPP's aggregation and use of data acquired via OMTR's products. The idea is based on selling online "audiences" using actual behavior across domains.

Clearly this is would require modification to existing WA license agreements, which is turn would require a value proposition for marketers to be willing to give up their data to a "cooperative."

Based on your research, is the market aware of and generally interested in the pooling of data by a 3rd-party to create greater insight and value across multiple, non-related brands?

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