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October 25, 2007



Mixed emotions on this one. For sure HBX customers will be moved over to Omniture (why not?) and then they'll try to figure out how to integrate Visual Sciences into the core product (think Discover x10). As a long-time HBX customer, it'll certainly be interesting.


"So, it's possible you may have your HBX implementation for awhile yet." Having to wait more than 18+ months for your product to update with new and emerging functionalities could push several customers over the edge, is my honest opinion. With online media developments and the measuring thereof moving at full speed, customer demand to integrate these measurements into current reports will grow. The timing seems just a little off, when taking the Instadia case into account, if VS (HBX users) won't be facilitated in this request or any other if development comes to a stand still. Very interesting times indeed.

Jason Egan

As an Omniture customer, I think that it's a great acquisition. I'm definitely interested in seeing how the Visual Site product is integrated into Omniture's offerings. In addition to the acquisitions of Offermatica and Touch Clarity, this acquisition is setting up Omniture to be a true one stop shop for Web measurement and optimization. If they keep growing and making acquisitions at their current rate, the next thing you know they'll be acquired by Google!

And I agree with Brian McGee's comments on the Yahoo! Web Analytics board that if WebTrends and Core don't do something they will indeed be toast.

Anthony Ware

I don't know that I totally agree that if WebTrends and Core don't do something (as in merge) that they will be toast. From my experience, companies will always look for another option other than the leading or number one solution.

Either way, it's really starting to get interesting, huh?

Ray Matthews

having been in the same position a few times before with software i know exactly how this will play out.

Omniture will say otherwise but investment in the HBX product will stop and the software will fall behind over the next 2 years. Customers will be compelled to migrate to omniture or face a deteriorating product. The HBX product is practically identical reportwise to omniture so it has to happen. Personally i have been less than impressed with HBX and omniture is not a very analytical product so i will probably look to upgrade to a more analytical tool in due course.

Phil Kemelor

Thanks all for the responses...Interesting and diverse:OMTR being a one-stop shop to upgrading to a more analytical tool. As a web analytics manager these are challenging times indeed. While the partners and acquistions OMTR is garnering sound great, I'd definitely suggest looking closely at the LOE and cost for making the integrations work for your organization.

I think considering new tools makes sense too, and if you know exactly what type of deeper analytics you're going to perform, it should help make your requirements more specific and enable you to put the vendors to the test to find the right one.

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