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October 03, 2007


Eric T. Peterson


In a funny way I agree with you about how, um, un-groundbreaking the idea of Web Analytics 2.0 is ... mostly because as soon as you think about it for just a wee bit you're inevitably thinking to yourself, "well duh!" But as I've been exploring this with my clients (technology and practitioner) it is clear that despite organizations ** having ** technology to gather both quantitative and qualitative data, few are going so far as to integrate the two (or three, or four.)

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to present at ForeSee Results "Customer 2.0" client event in Michigan. At the event I talked about the Web Site Optimization Ecosystem and the need to bring ForeSee data together with whatever web analytic data you have at your disposal. Some of ForeSee's customers are doing this today, but most are just now giving serious consideration to what Web Analytics 2.0 could mean to them.

I'll have to listen to the podcast but I'd love to talk to some of the organizations you've talked to who are actively combining data. I suspect that most have confused "having" and "integrating", the latter requiring some type of data integration capability, a relatively modern application, etc.

So yeah, maybe not groundbreaking, but I think there is still a pretty substantial gap between "wanting to do" and "doing".

Welcome to the multilith!

Eric T. Peterson

Phil Kemelor

Eric - Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with your observation about there still being a'll notice that I wrote "might make for potentially more complete analysis if managed effectively." I wrote this in thinking about this gap, and in addition being able to really put all data sources into context. This is a big issue...basically when organizations are using qualitative and quantitative data, they're challenged with syncing it all together.

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